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Top 10 Free Things To Do


1. Ahhhh! Breathe! Pick anywhere on or around the lake or the river and cop a squat and just relax, soak it all in. The view is exceptional from Irish Hills Prayer Sanctuary, and the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, and Bridal Veil Falls, and Collins Creek, and the Natural Bridge, and Indian Rock Caves... We could go on, but you get the picture. Oh, speaking of pictures there are plenty of wide open spaces and scenery pose ready.


2. Hike. The majestic views of Sugar Loaf Mountain. You have two choices, Sugar Loaf Mountain Island, (Island side) or Sugar Loaf Mountain (Land side). They are two distictive mountains. Land side is free. Lake side cost you a boat ride from Fairfield Bay. Hint: Bring a Camera. You'll be glad you did.


3. Swim. Pick anywhere, and jump right in.


4. Visit the Carl Garner Visitors Center. Watch a historic film and listen to free local music.


5. Visit the old Swing Bridge in Judsonia, AR. View our online guide for details, here.


6. Visit the Fish Hatchary and/or FISH. Click here for our free fishing guide.


7. Visit the JFK Dedication Site of Greers Ferry Lake Dam.


8. Visit one of the local Art Galleries in Heber Springs.


9. Visit one of the remaining small town newspapers still in their original building in McCrory, AR, near the Cache River Wildlife Refuge.


10. Sign up for the Adventure Card right here and participate in the Explore the Four adventure and you might even win a T-Shirt, Desert, or free camping.  Plus you'll have fun along the way!


Want more? Sign up here and enjoy free camping and other giveaways during our 2nd Annual "Love the Lake & River" weekend.


Want details on all of this and more. View our online guide here, or order it here.


Most of all, Enjoy your visit!

Greers Ferry Lake, Little Red River, & White River area Top 10 Free Things to Do in 2017! A little bit of everything. Enjoy!